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Innoplast Solutions
Future of Plastics Industry: Survival-to-Excellence
JUNE 25-27, New York
After 80 years of life-changing benefits to our society, Plastics & Polymers are now beginning to negatively impact us in terms of (1) Sustainable Raw-Materials (2) Environment-Climate/Land/Ocean and (3) Financials. In order to address the present & future crisis, the plastics industry should be practicing the following strategies:
I. Begin transitioning from traditional fossil based raw-materials to Renewable
BioMass / Waste(s) / GHG Emissions
II. Innovate to grow Recycling of "Petro/Bio" based plastics
III. Create Value (vs BioDegradation/Disposal) when recycling not possible
As a SYMBOLIC expression of the Future of Polymer Industry, we propose:
E = MC2
E   =   Endurance of Plastics Industry
M  =   Mass from Renewables/Wastes/GHG Emissions
C   =   Cycling into Valued Products
Our upcoming conference "Plastics beyond Petroleum", JUNE 25-27, 2019, New York City area, will highlight the progress being made around the globe on these fronts; please review the AGENDA in progress and consider participation via Sponsorship / TableTop Exhibit/Attendance.
Thanks & Best Regards,
Yash P. Khanna
PhD - Polymer Science & Engineering
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